Crochet Autumn Wreath

Crochet Autumn Wreath

autumn wreath

Crochet is something that I finally managed to teach myself a few years ago (check out this excellent article on How to Learn to Crochet!) and since then I am always on the look out for fun and quirky projects. The key to any new skill, is to make sure you keep it up and having a go at it regularly! You don’t forget and UNLEARN (yes, it comes back to you quickly, but you can forget!)… I thought that this crocheted autumn wreath is simply DELIGHTFUL. There are so many gorgeous little details on it, that I think it would be a wonderful way to indeed keep up with your crocheting skills. Also, all the individual elements would be brilliant by themselves – make a sunflower brooch or Hedgehog toy etc..

Find out more on the wonderful Attic24 site!

(Some of the details are based on this amazing flower crochet book and I have it on order for my Birthday! (US/ UK) – affiliate links)

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