DIY Crate Storage

DIY Crate StorageDIY Crate storage

So – back to school for us soon, and we’ve been spending a bit of time over the holidays sorting out the kids’ rooms, decluttering, sending lots of things to the charity shop, using freecycle and selling bits locally too… (in fact, not saying my kids are capitalists, but the selling of book collections and lego sets has spurred them on with their decluttering!!)

Storage has been a big issue, we wanted to spruce things up a bit, and seeing this wonderful idea from myalteredstate has really got us thinking how can we do this, without splashing out on a load of new furniture – we just love the way these crates have been painted up, given a new lease of life and really will help to get the kids to keep their rooms a bit tidier!

For full instructions on the painting techniques, and even better, if you are feeling ‘handy’ how to actually make these crates, click here

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