Recycled Crafts: Glove Puppets

Recycled Crafts: Glove Puppets

The-Owl-and-The-Pussycat-Craft-Idea We love nothing more than making sure we “Waste not want not”! One lost glove? What to do with the other one? Do NOT throw it way!!! Make a Glove Puppet – here is an adorable set made into an Owl and a Pussycat. Yes they happen to be black.. but a grey, pink, green, stripey owl and cat would be lovely too. Great for anyone into teaching kids to sew or making a gift for kids! And of course all nursery rhyme enthusiasts! Hope you enjoy this recycled craft and may you make lots and lots of glove puppets!!!

Full instruction to this Recycled Craft & Glove Puppets here.

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