10 Fantastic TP Roll Crafts

So you know how we love a little crafty “round up or two”…. and today we have one of our favourite upcycable craft materials – the humble toilet paper roll.. and ten wonderful kids crafts to make from TP Rolls. We love easy TP Rolls Crafts so much, as they are free, TP Rolls are plentiful and TP Rolls are also incredibly versatile.. yes, we have probably all made a little TP Roll Man here or there… but just check out  these wonderfully creative and varied TP Roll Crafts shared today.. something for everyone. From TP Roll Rockets to TP Roll Magic Bunnies.

10 Wonderful TP Roll Crafts

10 TP Roll Craft Ideas:

Minion Crafts

First up, we have these fun little Minion TP Rolls – we love how simple they are and how much the kids will love playing with these!


Next up we have this super duper cute Magic Hat Bunny – now you see him, now you don’t! It’s MAGIC. So fun, so cute.

Toilet Roll Flying Fish koinobori

You may have seen these wonderfully colourful TP Roll Koinobori Wind Socks before, as we adore them and love to share them with our readers. Once again, the essence lies in the simplicity of this cute craft.

Woodland Craft Ideas with TP Rolls & Cardboard

Combine your Cardboard and TP Roll in to this fantastic Forest what a great craft for pretend play. Super simple to make. Hours of fun. Add some fairies or playmobil figures and see what the kids make of it!

TP Roll Rocket

We ADORE this Rocket TP Roll – Total Awesomeness! It is just the coolest thing ever – seriously you have to check it out. Looks fabulous both in it’s raw “cardboard tube” colours or painted in bright colours. Fun fun fun.

Desk Tidy TP Roll Craft

This is a doubly genius idea – so many TP Rolls to “use up” in this TP Roll Desk Tidy – pretty colours too. And love the clever use f the shoe box to contain it all.

TP Roll Crafts Teacups

More TP Roll Fun, with these TP Roll Teacups – aren’t they simply clever? The teddy bears sure will enjoy their tea party!


 Now here is a craft, that you MUST NOT show my son, the minute he sees this, he will be off and making his own set of Awesome TMNT Puppets

toilet roll cars

Have a grand prix race with these lovely TP Roll Racing Cars!


Last but not least we share this adorable Padding Bear TP Roll Craft complete with Matchbox Suitecase and Marmalade Sandwiches. Aaaah.

I do hope you have enjoyed our little TP Roll Craft round up.. and that you have been inspired to hang on to this plentiful and versatile craft material and have a go!

Want some TP Roll Christmas Craft inspiration? Take a peak:


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  1. Sheena at 5:14 pm

    These are awesome! I think my boys would really enjoy the TMNT puppets!

  2. Ruth at 8:20 am

    Having always saved these for school & nursery friends, I was told about four years ago that they were no longer to be used as they were ‘unhygienic ‘, something I slways found difficult to believe & was really sorry about. Obviously, you & your followers do not subscribe to this ridiculous notion.

    • Maggy Woodley Author at 9:07 am

      Yes, thank goodness! Although I have no heard they introducing TP Rolls without the Roll in the middle! Shock Horror!!!!

  3. Helen M at 8:46 am

    Yes, when I worked in England they didn’t allow you to use toilet rolls, unless they had been microwaved first! I’m not sure of the science behind that!