20 Questions Activity

20 Questions Activity

Disclaimer, this is a sponsored post!

Have you ever played 20 Questions? You probably have!! But this activity from Shepherd’s Friendly, is slightly different. It isn’t the traditional guessing game, but an opportunity to get to know your child a bit better!!

You can make this 20 Questions game last 10 minutes or half an hour. You can engage as a family or as one to one. Which will it be?

As we all know, spending some quality time with the kids is invaluable. But somtimes, when life is a little busy, it can be hard to either find the time or the resources to set a fun activity up. This 20 Questions Printable from Shepherd’s family is a super fun way to quickly and easily engage with each other.

What I love, is that you can do it lots of different ways. For example, you can sit down as a a family. Print off enough questionnaires for everyone. Then you can either all try to answer each other question for one family member. Or everyone can fill it out indivually and then share with the family. Or why not up the stakes and have a guessing game of the answers – see which family member gets the most answers right.

Similarly, you can do the 20 Questions questionair during some one on one time. Maybe you are at the cafe with one child, as you wait for another child to finish with a club or some music lessons? What a great way to enage together in one point in time.

I also love the idea of using 20 questionnairs ones a year – be it at the end of a school year, or the beginning of a school year, or even for New Year’s Eve/ New Year’s Day… or around a birthday. Our children do change so much over time and yet somethings stay constant – but which?! Why not make a collection of these over the years and then look back and see how life has change? So fun!

So head over to Shepherd’s Friendly and grab your 20 Questions Printable!

As we approach the craziness of the Christmas season. Why not pause. Take some time and really talk to your child? I am sure they will surprise you with all the different facts about themselves!

Happy spening time together!!!

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