5 Best Ideas to try this Christmas

5 Best Ideas to try this Christmas

Need some inspiration for what to do this Christmas Season? Feeling a little overwhelmed by the wonders of pinterest and the internet? Oh yes. There SO MANY fabulous ideas of what to make.. but sometimes it can all be a bit too much. Stop being busy. And keep things simple. So I picked out what I think are 5 of the best ideas to try this Christmas!! Let’s keep things simple and fun.. right?

This really is a super Easy Bath Bomb Recipe that you can make either by yourself or with the kids. The ingredients are easy to get hold of (just go to the baking isle at the supermarket) and you can customise them with essential oils or dried lavendar etc. They make wonderful handmade gifts for teachers, friends and family too! Simply lovely.

We do like a rustic craft here on Fun Crafts Kids.. and if you have tried these traditional method for How to Dry Orange Slices , you really do have to give it a go. Dried oranges look and smell amazing and are the perfect nature decor for Christmas!

We all ove an “elf yourself” app.. but have you tried and Elf Yourself Paper Puppet? Originally, these were “just” Elf Paper Puppet, but a reader sent in this fantastic photo, turning this free Paper Elf Printable into an “Elf yourself puppet”. Genius and so cute!

We do love a bit of Disney/ Fairy Tale time here on Fun Crafts Kids and these Paper Princess Ornaments are a must!! Such gorgeous printables that you can turn into 3d Ornaments or use as 3d Paper Dolls. There is even an Elsa for Frozen 2 enthusiasts.

Finally.. let’s round things off with a handmade card. We have a series of pop up cards for Christmas, but one of our favourites is this Easy Pop Up Gingerbread Man Card. SO EASY. So cute!! LOVE!

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