7 Easy Tree Raising Kits You Can Grow at Home

There are many reasons to grow a tree. Some do it to dedicate it to a loved one that passed away. Others start the growth process in their home and then plant it in a forest as a donation to an environmental charity. Then there are those that simply want to watch their very own tree grow on their own property.

There are actually a wide variety of trees you can grow, and plenty of different kits available to help you grow them. Each type has slightly differing ways of growing and care instructions, but the instructions in these kits make it easy to follow along.

Whether you’re growing a tree to honor someone, to donate it, or you just want to add some life to your home (and ultimately, backyard), a DIY tree growing kit is an easy choice.

Oak Tree Kit


The Seeds of Life Tree Kit from 1-800-Flowers (promo codes here and here) gives you the opportunity to grow your own oak tree.


This DIY tree growing product is advertised as a sentimental tree growing kit. Grow a tree for the birth of a child, for a birthday, or to remember a loved one who isn’t with you anymore.

This makes an excellent gift, as the packaging is adorable and wrapped perfectly for a gift option. It comes with soil, seeds, and instructions.

Giant Sequoia Kit

This next tree kit looks like it comes in a Pringles can. The Grow a Tree company offers tree growing kits on Amazon (promo codes here and here), including the Giant Sequoia.

This tree grow kit comes with cute packaging with pretty colors and design, so it works well as a gift. Though it can be given to a person of any age, this tree growth kit is educational AND fun for a young child. You’ll receive step-by-step directions, so you can make sure you’re executing the process correctly every step of the way.

As for what’s inside, it comes with a “mini-greenhouse” meaning it’s a tiny tree nursery that you can hold in your hand. This is where it all starts!

Perlite is another item you’ll find in the kit. It’s a white substance that works to accelerate plant growth.

Grow a huge Sequoia right before your very eyes.

Cherry Blossom Kit

Representing friendship, the Cherry Blossom kit is a wonderful choice as a gift to a friend or something to watch grow in your own backyard.

Buy this kit on Amazon and you’ll be greeted with cute packaging with drawn cherry blossoms and a pinkish hues. This tree will ultimately flower lively cherry blossoms for you and your family (or friend) to enjoy.

The Japanese Cherry Blossom (Prunus serrulata if we want to get technical) grows from quality seeds. If your seed does not germinate or if your seedling dies, the company will send a replacement seed. They won’t let you down!


Celebrate friendship and the beauty that is the cherry blossom.

Bonsai Tree Kit

Bonsai Trees are so cool. They’re considered officially an “art form” because they’re artificially grown in containers to keep their size. Growth is restricted through keeping the pot a certain size, thus leaving it an awesome addition to your home forever.

The Bonsai Tree is really something special and that’s why we’ve included the Bonsai Tree Kit on the list.

For only $24.99, you’ll get four Bonsai trees in one box. They’re four different kinds of Bonsai trees (yes, there are different styles of Bonsai) which include Pinus Aristata, Delonix Regia, Jacaranda Mimosifolia, and Picea Mariana.

Along with the variety, receive four organic seed packets, soil discs, biodegradable growing pots, plant markers, and an easy-to-follow instruction manual.


This kit is great because the seeds are 100% organic, open pollinated, and doesn’t use GMOs or additives.

It’s recommended as a housewarming gift, due to the fact that it will stay in doors.

You don’t have to be an expert for this kit. It’s a get starter for someone who’s just getting into plant and tree raising.

Before you buy through Nature’s Blossom, sign up for the email list and get 15% off your order!

Redwood Kit

This Tree-to-Be kit from GiftTree (they’re offering a 15% off promo code now) lets you grow your own Dawn Redwood at home.

In the description, it says, that the Dawn Redwood was thought to be extinct for centuries. It’s making a comeback in gardening. You can grab this kit for a little under $30.

Avocado Tree Kit

Millenials are known to love avocados. But really, who doesn’t love avocados?

This Avocado Tree Kit from Uncommon Goods (discounts here and here) is the opportunity you’ve been waiting for to grow your own tree at home.


You’ll receive the convenient avocado seed holder, you just have to provide the seed and the glass to hold water in.

With this item, your avocado seed will get enough water without being submerged too much. Soon you’ll start to see sprouts growing out of your old avocado pit that you would have normally thrown away.

This is just wonderful for any generation!

Palm Tree

Do you want to grow your own Palm Tree? It’s possible!

Start growing your own Palm Tree and you’ll have an exotic looking tree in your back or front yard in no time.

Add a tropical splash to your home exterior and grow a big, tall Palm tree in any area. Get that Southern California vibe without moving.

Start Growing

Growing trees as well as other plant life is so much easier than you’d think, if you only find the right kits. There are so many things to try! The possibilities are endless once you begin your plant and tree growing journey.

Disclaimer – this is a sponsored post

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