Adorable Clay “Pinch Pots”

How to make Clay Pinch Pots for kidsI love crafts that are cute, easy to do and that also explore different mediums. We have use a fair amount of clay with the kids before (find out how to soften hardened air-dry clay here)… but of course, clay is a little different (and a little harder) for younger kids to use. So making traditional “kids pinch pots” is just the ticket. I particularly LOVE these cute Pinch Pots, as they are simply ADORABLE!!!!! I SO SO SOOOO want to make these with my kids and I am pretty certain that the kids will adore the experience.

Check out how to make these adorable pots over on Handmade Charlotte (a guest post by Pink Stripey Socks)

(We also love these Monster Pinch Pots! So fun!)


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