Amazing face masks

Amazing face masks

amazing masksSome children just don’t DO fancy dress, so often, amazing face masks are a way around this, as a shy child will feel as if they are hiding behind the mask, and not drawing attention to themselves.

You can do SO much with a mask though, from theming them to work with a school’s Egyptian Day for example – an amazing face mask of a Pyramid with eye-holes could be just as effective as a full Pharoah’s outfit!

We loved these Inspiring and Amazing masks from┬áMini-Taller-dArt in Spain – These masks are so fabulously inventive, and the oversized nature of them really makes them quite something!

We are definitely going to have a go at these, and think that they would be a really fun activity for a party – if you prepared the basic structures beforehand and then the kids all had a go at creating these VERY photogenic masks – what a brilliant way to upcycle some old egg cartons for the eyes, and cereal boxes for the cut out shapes – we can’t wait to give this a go!!

Click here to see more amazing creativity from Mini Taller Art

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    Please add me to your mailing list! This is great kids art..Thanks