Andy Goldsworthy art, by children

andy goldsworthy leavesAndy Goldsworthy art inspired leaves and petal art – outside play with the kids.

Who could fail to have their spirits lifted by the site of these colourful leaves and petals, and Andy Goldsworthy art is quite a global inspiration, so we love to see the kids creating patterns with nature as he does.

Schools in the UK have Andy Goldsworthy art on their curriculum, so many children here are familiar with his work.

With Spring here, the colour of the leaves are quite beautiful so if you didn’t feel you could pull apart a rose, building the patterns with different varieties of greenery can be just as effective.

We love that the leaves are stuck to the ground, Kids Chaos gives us some top tips for natural glue, which means that the leaves stay around for a while, and the artwork itself changes  over the days, creating an every changing art event!

To read more about Kids Chaos’ Andy Goldsworthy inspired garden art, and how to stick the leaves click here

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