Apple lollies

Apple lollies

apple lolliesWho could resist trying all of these apple lollies?

I don’t know about you, but of all the delicious fruit that is easy to grow, and buy here in the UK, apples can be the hardest fruit to get your kids to eat WHOLE – Mine like them when they have been sliced up and presented to them on a plate, and often come back uneaten whole in their school packed lunches.

So frustrating! And if you send them in sliced in an airtight box, chances are they won’t be eaten either because they have become brown and unappetizing…

How lovely did we therefore think these apple lollies looked when we spotted them on Craftberry Bush’s page earlier in the month. We think these would be great for a child’s party – a fun activity tinged with healthiness!

Click here to read more about the different apple lolly dips and top tips on how to prevent the apples from turning brown.


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  1. Carol Banks at 4:57 am

    I can’t find the recipe! I looked at that link and it’s not there!

    • Maggy Woodley at 11:23 am

      Hello, sometimes we feature websites that a later date decide o take recipes or craft instructions down. I believe this is one such instance. We are so sorry about that. We choose to keep the craft/ recipe UP though, as for many people it still provides significant inspiration.