DIY patterns with bleach pen

DIY patterns with bleach pen

DIY patterns with bleach? Seriously, if my mother could see me now…! my childhood memories, aromas and fragrances kick off certain memories right? Smells that remind me of my mum – Victoria sponge cake baking in the oven, freshly cut grass, and …. bleach?! Yes, I’ll admit it, in limited doses, it’s actually quite an appealing smell, and so familiar!

Anyway, I kept away from bleach after a ‘customising’ incident as a teenager with a grey Tshirt and splashing bleach on my favourite jeans – yikes, but I’m READY to embrace a controlled experiment with these bleach pens that have been recommended on – have a look!

I really rather like the designs of these coloured napkins too – such an individual look, and what a fab idea for a homemade birthday present too!

Find the bleach pens here in the US
and here in the UK
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