Button Crafts – Button Cupcakes

Button Crafts – Button Cupcakes

Button Cupcakes

Button Cupcakes – a great way to use that hoarded button collection we all have in our homes.

If you don’t HAVE a button collection, you should! As there are SO many button crafts around like these button cupcakes, and we recently profiled a lovely¬†button flowers¬†craft which we loved.

So start saving your old buttons, from the ‘extra’ button you sometimes get with a new cardigan or jacket, to trimming off the buttons from an old work shirt – ask your Mum too, our own button collection has been handed down from Grandma! We love rifling through the big tin of buttons.

These button cupcakes are so cute, we think they would also make fabulous Birthday Cards too…. Although we do rather like them on the brown parcel labels, which are quite affordable from your local stationers or post office – and can make a plain brown parcel look really colourful and fun!

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