Cardboard Box Crafts: DIY Shape Sorter

Cardboard Box Crafts: DIY Shape Sorter

Easy-diy-shape-sorterWe love all things recycled… and there is something about a cardboard box that is irristible. The kids ADORE playing with them – so much pretend play going – one minute it is a box boat, the next it is a cardboard car… the next a cardboard box plane! Sometimes however, I get to the box first and I like to amke something FOR them. Here is a great idea from Kids Activities Blog – turning your humble cardboard box into a shape sorter! Brilliant. Fun to make and a great way to keep those small hands busy. The best bit – you can use the shape sorter to STORE Your bricks too (ours keep flying around the house!).


Reader more about this cardboard box craft idea over at Kids Activities Blog now!

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