caterpillar grapes

caterpillar grapesWhohey for caterpillar grapes – what a brilliant way to encourage kids to eat healthily!

We all know that we are meant to eat 5 a day right? 5 fruit and veg, not five grapes before you ask… and no carrot cake doesn’t count kids….

Our children were always very good at eating fruit and then they started getting fussy so we looked for fun ideas to get them engaged again, how fun are these caterpillar grapes, or are they grape caterpillars?!

Well done to Princessandthefrogblog for coming up with this one, it’s so fun!! And healthy, if you can overlook the chocolate chip eyes – we can! click here to read more



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  1. Tara L at 7:21 am

    These are the most creative funny looking creatures of healthy fruit. Love Love Love the idea my friends son would get a kick out of these and probably be more enjoyable to eat (: