Cauliflower Sheep

Cauliflower SheepCauliflower Sheep

Well, I don’t know about you, but sometimes it can be pretty tricky to convince your child to eat the food you’ve lovingly prepared for them…

We’ve been through all the tricks in the book, including holding up ten fingers and letting them knock down each finger in turn as they took a mouthful, pretending those fingers were candles and blowing out each candle in turn and so on – that works to some extent, until they figure it out, and your left waggling your fingers at them like a desperate fool!

So then you try making food art faces on the plate with a line of peas for a smiley mouth and so on… My two STILL call brocolli ‘trees’ – eat up your trees kids!

And then we came across howaboutcookie – honestly, you will LOVE this website, the photography is adorable, just check out this Cauliflower Sheep!!

Well… with the Chinese Year of the Sheep just around the corner, we know you won’t be able to resist having a go at this one!

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