chalkboard painted flower pots

chalkboard painted flower pots

chalkboard painted potsChalkboard painted flower pots – great idea for planting your herbs and veggies!

We thought this was such a sweet little project from Popurridefua in Madrid, Spain. It would work really well for small children to watch their own seeds growing indoors – write their own names on the flower pots!

This time of year we have been planting little sunflower seeds and watching their progress on the window sill, we love the idea of these chalkboard painted flower pots, using the chalkpaint to personalise and decorate the plain terracotta flower pots.

We often buy the ready grown herb plants, so to decant them from their rather ugly plastic pots, and pop them onto the kitchen window sill in these chalkboard painted flower pots for instant interior decoration!!

You can get blue chalkboard paint here (US readers). If shopping in the UK, you can find it here

We love to use Chalkpaint to create these sweet miniature chalkboards. It’s pretty easy to do, you will need several layers… just don’t use the wax finish on your chalkboard painted flower pots!

For more information and ideas from Popurridefua click here



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