Dandelion Pompom

Dandelion Pompom

What with it being Wool Week this week in the UK, we thought we’d track down some easy wool crafts, and figured the EASIEST if you don’t knit or crochet, is either weaving, which you know we love, or the simple pompom….

Not to be too boring, we’ve found you a more exciting pompom which will remind you of your childhood… a Dandelion! (everyone remembers dandelions right?!)
And we just adored this and haven’t seen anything like it before… so realistic!

Pompoms can be made on a card ring, or these days, there are even pompom makers which initially I was reticent to use, however, once I tried and I was hooked so just need to figure out how we do this with a pompom maker!

Over to UKCraftBlog to have a look!

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