Diamond Origami Ornaments

Diamond Origami Ornaments

Diamond Origami OrnamentsDiamond Origami Ornaments

Aaaah. You may have noticed that we have fallen just a little bit in love with Paper Crafts recently .. or specifically in Origami patterns. But also LOVE DIY Christmas Ornaments. There is something about paper and how infinitely versatile it is, that makes crafting with paper so fun. The possibilties and ideas are simply ENDLESS! From the humble sheet of paper to loads of different ideas. So now I always stock up on bright plain paper, as well as paper with pretty designs! And then we are ready to make things like these amazing diamond origami ornaments. Aren’t they simply stunning? They look amazing in plain bold colours, but also fantastic in plain white. Make them big. Make them small. Make them anyway you want!

These origami beauties are found over on How About Orange

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