DIY copper pipe childs desk

DIY copper pipe childs desk

DIY copper pipe child’s desk

diy-copper-pipe-childs-deskWe have two tables in our kitchen, one big grown up table and one smaller wooden table – the kids have always loved this small table for crafting, and for tea parties with their friends. It is just the right place for homework or arts and crafts! There is just something so special about their own space, where they can hang out and giggle with their little pals…

As children, my sister and I loved a big family party where the kids had their own table in the dining room – so inclusive, yet our own little ‘do’ – great fun.

With our own kids, as they’ve got bigger, so has their table requirements!

We loved the look of this DIY copper pipe child’s desk – and really excited that it can be extended to make it taller as the kids’ legs get longer!

And light enough to move from room to room depending on requirements… The perfect spot for homework too as my two hit their teens.. they will have NO excuses!

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