DIY Dominoes – Cute Pebble Craft!

DIY Dominoes Craft - this is such a cute craft to make with any shaped pebble or stone. Hours of play!

DIY Dominoes

Oh my goodness – we have EXHAUSTED all of our games this holiday season – but that’s what holidays are for right? I think it is time for a game of DIY Dominoes. So we have been looking for some new fun, something that we don’t have to buy, yet could make ourselves, and how about this rather super Pebble Dominoes idea from

We just LOVE an activity that takes time spent together creatively, outside, collecting the pebbles, and then, when it’s all dry, we get to play with it?! And photograph it too!!
Wow – we know this Pebble Dominoes craft will run and run, so go check out their full post for the full run-down on how to do this properly, and enjoy!!

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