DIY Fruity Baby Mobile

DIY Fruity Baby Mobile

fruitmobile_finished1_blog2Back at it again with the fruit crafts? We’ve already spoken enough times on here about the importance of integrating fruit and all things healthy into the home, and the lives of you children, so what better way than to start right at the beginning of a child’s life? Have a look at this super sweet DIY Fruity baby mobile

We’ve been looking at baby mobiles recently, and whilst these may seem a fairly traditional addition to a baby nursery, they’ve actually only been around since 1931 (or at least the term ‘baby mobile’ had been defined then). 

And, as you know, we’ve been a little fruit-crazed recently too, with our fruit umbrellas and apple core crafts, so what better way to combine our two new favourite things than to create a fruit themed baby mobile?!

Baby mobiles are a particularly good toy to have in a baby crib, simply because it’s over the baby and away from your baby’s face. Baby mobiles stimulate the child’s senses, but are also known to help sooth the baby before they fall asleep (And we all know how difficult it can be to calm a child down and put them to sleep – quite frankly we’ll try anything to help out little ones get to sleep!)
baby mobile

We love this lovely DIY baby mobile that is so easy you can get your little ones to give you a hand with it, or as a little project for all you new parents out there! Maybe you want to create a gift for a new baby, or just a bit bored and want to do some DIY this afternoon… but why not create this gorgeous and simple baby mobile for your home? It won’t take long and you can even choose whatever fruits you want – if you have preferences!

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