DIY Lolly Stick Hooks

DIY Lolly Stick Hooks

Lolly Stick hooks

DIY Lolly Stick Hooks

We have long been collecting lolly sticks – any excuse to eat an ice lolly I’ll say!

We’ve got a whole pot of them, sitting in the craft room, waiting for someone to make something creative with them, accompanied by a load of coffee stirrers which appeared to have made it home with us from a recent lovely trip to the coffee shop!

Needless to say, we spotted this AMAZING idea for a craft and had to share it here with you – DIY Lolly Stick Hooks – made from, um, Lolly Sticks!

What a great way to recycle and repurpose stuff destined for landfill!

We have lots of lovely necklaces made from pasta from when the kids were really small, and they deserve to be celebrated, so how about filling a wall in their playroom with these homemade Lolly stick hooks and displaying your lovely crafts like this!

All of the lolly sticks can be painted and decorated to match the decor of the playroom or bedroom, to make a great display and it’s a really lovely craft to prepare in advance, for smaller children with less patience but an urge to paint!

Be sure to visit here to check out the full instructions.

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