DIY Mason jar lamp

Mason Jar Lamp

We’ve been collecting mason jars, and pretty jam jars for as long as I can remember… You never know when they might come in handy right?mason jar lamps

Whether you use them for painting, ie, water jars for those messy paintbrushes, or for creating mood lighting with flickering candles!

In fact, we also use them as drinking glasses here in our house too (much to the confusion of a friend who was staying at the weekend!).

The best thing we’ve seen so far though, is these DIY Mason Jar Lamps, also known as Kilner Jars, they easily lend themselves to more than their original purpose, and this is a classic upcycle that we really rather like! Yes to the Mason Jar Lamp!

If you’re not a hoarder like we are you can buy them new click here in the UK and here in the US

and to read more on how to make these Mason Jar Lamps, check out Apartment Therapy’s website here


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