DIY Paper Basket Tutorial

DIY Basket TutorialDIY Paper Basket Tutorial

You know how you have those ‘bits’ and pieces hanging around on your desk, and all over the tables? You’re a crafter… you can’t help but be a BIT messy…. but that doesn’t mean you have to stay that way, how about your turn trying to be a bit more organized, into a craft itself? What? MAKE a DIY Paper Basket for your bits and pieces?

Whatever next.

You really must visit the scrappy side of life, and check out how they do this DIY Basket Tutorial, there are really lovely step by step photographics to help you, and we are definitely going to have a go at this too!


These would look adorable as an Easter Basket too…. and if you are looking for more Easter Basket Craft Ideas? Check all of these out!!!

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