DIY Watercolors Made from Flowers!

DIY Watercolors Made from Flowers!

how to make flower petal watercolours

DIY Watercolors made from flowers

We do love a good DIY. And we do love FLOWERS… and we do LOVE WATERCOLORS.. Now bring all three together and what do you get? YES!! DIY WATERCOLOR FLOWERS. Wow…. how cool is that? I never thought that you could make your own watercolors from lovely flower petals. What an amazing activity for kids to do this summer. And a great activity for experimenting too – what flowers give you what colors? Which gives you the most color per flower head? Which is nicest to paint with etc?

A great Science come Art project for sure and wonderful for anyone exploring nature and flower crafts this spring and summer.

Find out more about this fantastic idea over on Me and My Shadow!

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