Balloon Paper Doily Pendant light

Doily Balloon LampBalloons – we’ve always got LOADS of balloons in every drawer in our house?!

Why IS that?! So it’s time to think of some creative ways to use them, beyond filling them full of water and chucking them out of windows (yes, they do that).

Something with far more decorum I was thinking, so how about making a Crochet Doily Pendant light? Using balloons, and ummm, paper doilies…

We’ve tried this with leaves from the garden too, and it looks AMAZING! click here to read more on emmylizzy‘s blog for full instructions on how to make the balloon Crochet Doily Pendant light

And you can buy Doylies, or is it Doilies, or indeed Doyleys… here in the UK and here in the USA
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