Easy to make DIY Paper Crown

Easy to make DIY Paper Crown

Easy to make DIY Paper Crown

Easy to make DIY paper crown

Oh, this Easy to make DIY Paper Crown has made us think of warmer times!
We just can’t wait for spring, we know that it is just around the corner, and we KNOW we should be enjoying the frost on the grass, and the snow on the rooftops – (and the making of snowmen!) yet, we are craving the spring buds, the warm sunshine, and the flowers starting to bloom.

The thought of spring keeps us going through these darker months, and to lift our spirits, we have been looking for spring inspired crafts that we can do and make in the warmth of our own homes, and studios (and classrooms!).

These easy to make DIY Paper Crowns from littleinspiration.com totally blew us away. The photography, and tutorial, is truly brilliant so make sure you pop over to the website for full instructions – Honestly, you won’t believe how these beautiful paper tissue flowers are created, it’s so simple, yet doesn’t the paper crown look AMAZING?!

These crowns would be fab, even for an Easter bonnet competition, or as a Bridesmaid, or Maid of Honour at a wedding (or indeed the bride!)
So – go and have a look… imagine a whole classroom making these together, you could even, if you wished, add different colours, and maybe some little toy animals – it could even work as a base for a ‘nest’ for an Easter project, don’t you think?!

Another idea, would be to use old newspapers – this would look amazing, and you could either leave as is, or, paint the newspaper, and what a great upcycling project that would be 🙂

We were enchanted by the way that littleinspiration makes the shape of the petals, we won’t give anything away, just that lollies are involved! For all the lowdown, and as we said, some great photography for this Easy to make DIY Paper Crown check out littleinspiration.com


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