Fairy Luminary DIY

Fairy Luminary DIY

Luminary DIY perfect for a Fairy Craft Lovers

Fairy Luminary DIY -adorable lantern idea by NBattilana

At this time of year, there are many WONDERFUL DIY Luminary ideas going around. There are luminaries and lanterns to suit every taste and home and background. Winter Luminaries, Doily Luminaries, child made luminaries… I thought I had seen (and shared) them all. But oh no!!!! Just take a look at this simply DARLING Fairy Luminary DIY! Aren’t they simply too precious? Actually, they make me want to reach out, open the top and let the fairies escape. Clearly these Fairy Lanterns are strictly “no touch” for the kids!  How very very magical. This Fairy Crafty would be **adorable* at a Fairy Party or a Garden Party in the summer too. But are simply perfect at this time of year, when we need to brighten up the gloomy winter days!

Nicola Battilana

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  1. Lorna at 10:16 pm

    Does anyone make these? I would like to buy some.x