Father’s Day Treats

Father's Day Treats - make your own Super Dad Pop Set. So fun!

I have to say our “Dad” in our house is rather tricky to make or buy for.. he has more or less everything he wants and needs so, when Father’s Day comes around, it can, to say the least be a BIT TRICKY! Still, I think is nice and super important to show that we care and love it and above all to MAKE AN EFFORT. The kids are under strict instructions to always make a nice father’s day card, we always make a special father’s day breakfast (which tends to be bacon in an English muffin) and of course, there HAS to be a present of sorts. Now… Dad in our house has a VERY SWEET tooth. Seriously, we are forever hiding sweets and treats from him – nothing is safe! So of the “easy” thing to give him on Father’s Day is some sort of Father’s Day Treats… check out this fantastic printable set of Father’s Day Treats here. Don’t they look fabulous? And dad would love love love all these Father’s Day Treats all to himself, I know! Love that it also shows some effort in putting it together. Fabulous.

Visit Lil Luna for how to and printables!

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