Felted soap

Felted Soap

Felt is such a lovely tactile product. And such fun to create yourself, although we have made it a few times ACCIDENTALLY on the hot wash, the saddest story being a VERY expensive woolen cardigan which my sister kindly washed in the washing machine for my mother… It would then be the perfect fit for a 4 year old! (yes, it SHRUNK).felted soap

Felt can be used for many wonderful things, and we’ve always been drawn to it as a product so when we saw these lovely felted soaps – it’s a new (lovely clean) craft for us to try, and would make such gorgeous Christmas gifts!

And with so many people looking for alternatives to plastics, the liquid soap dispenser is losing its appeal – get yourself a bar of soap, old school!

Love the idea of encouraging children to wash their hands – and how adorable as zachaboard.blogspot talks about the wool shrinking along with the soap inside the felt, with each soapy sweet smelling hand wash! Read more here.

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