Fun Craft Activities You Can Do With Your Kids During The Winter Break

Don’t know how to give your kids an exciting winter break? This time of year marks a great time to bond with your kids at home, especially when there are no assignments to worry about. Harsh and freezing cold weather can sometimes make it impossible to enjoy the outdoors. However, there are a lot of fun and easy crafts you can do with your kids using materials that can already be found inside your house.

To get you inspired, here are few activities you can try out. Don’t worry as it is fairly easy and you wouldn’t need to buy expensive materials at your local hardware store!

  1. Jewelry

Girls enjoy wearing fancy jewelry–and what gets any fancier than jewelry they created themselves? Making jewelry is not limited to using beads. You can also use cut out board paper and cover it with washi tapes or colorful paper such as easy magazine beads. You can also thread knots and teach your child how to weave the old-fashioned friendship bracelet.


  1. Cool storage

Old tin cans can be transformed into storage that your children will find cool. Wash the tin can and clean up all the excess sticker labels. You and your child can make a collage on the tin can using different cutouts of pictures from old magazines. You can ask your child what he or she wants to use the storage for–it can be to store all his or her crayons or maybe toys.


  1. Fruit Paper Art

You can cut out different shapes which your child will stick on inside the outline of the fruit you draw on a piece of blank paper. Use different shapes and colors, and ask your child to name the color and shape in every piece she uses. Introduce more complex shapes such as trapezoids and hexagons–this can be a quick learning time about these shapes.


  1. Sock Puppets

Old socks can be glommed and stitched to become one of your child’s favorite puppets. If you are not up for using thread and needle, you can use a glue gun or super glue to stick buttons as eyes and other pieces of clothing as the sock puppet’s clothes or accessories. Don’t forget to ask your child to name your sock puppet creation and play with them afterward!


  1. Money Mason Jars

Mason jars or empty peanut butter or jam spreads can be jazzed up and turned into a money jar. Use ribbons, stickers, and buttons and stick them to the jar. Let your child express his or her own creativity by allowing them to design his or her jar on his or her own. You will be surprised at how imaginative and creative their minds can be.


It’s easy to have fun with your kids at home. If you are not up for doing arts and crafts, a simple pretend play would make them happy and busy. Your home is a place of love and your children deserve even just a few minutes of your sole attention. Set up forts, bake cookies or cupcakes, or play with dolls with them to make their day!


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