Fun Food for Christmas

Fun Food for Christmas

We love Christmas! And we love Edible Christmas Ornaments and Christmas Food!!

15 Fun Food Ideas for Christmas and the Holidays

Christmas is not just about the gifts, but it is about family coming together and celebrating. And whenever there is a celebration, there is also food.. and there there is food and there are kids.. there is FUN FOOD. Of course these fun food ideas for Christmas are not JUST for kids, they can delight big and small alike!! We love to make our food crafty and eye catching. Here are some fabulous fun food ideas for you browse and maybe make this year! Enjoy! (PS we are SOOOO making the Santa Pancakes. So easy to actually DO!!).

15 Fun Food Ideas for Christmas and Winter Celebrations


Sugar Mice – a great traditional activity for kids and you don’t need much to make these!


Amazing Oreo Cookie Strawberry Christmas Trees!


Oreo Cookie Rudolph (NO BAKE!)


Wonderful Rudolph Cupcake

Christmas Reindeer Cookies

Super simple Rudolph Cookies

reindeer food for christmas, this is simply adorable

Salt Stick Rudolph. CUTENESS!

Christmas Tree Cupcake Recipe and How To

Gorgeous Christmas Tree Cupcakes!

Veggie Christmas Tree

Savoury Christmas Tree Platter


Similarly we have these Christmas Beans


Looking for more savoury treats, then these Snowmen should be right up your street!


More savory fun with these Olive Penguins!

Frozen Banana Penguin

Banana Penguins – these make me smile every time I see them!

santa pancakes

Santa Pancakes not only is this fun, but a vegan recipe too!


Chocolate Santa Sleigh

edible christmas-coal

Edible Coal – this is too fun! A great “gift to anyone who has been a bit naughty”!


Edible Pinecones – simply *genius)

gingerbread house YT

No Fun Food for Christmas round up would be complete without these darling NO BAKE Mini Gingerbread Houses!

snowflake cookies

Beautiful Snowflake Shortbread

Now you have made all these yummy Christmas Treats.. why not sit down with a big cup of cocoa, a festive cookie and have a go at some of these darling Angel Ornament Craft Ideas?! Or add some great Christmas Bookmark Designs to your gifts.

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