Garden Tent DIY

Garden Tent DIY


We have just had a hot hot HOT weekend here in the UK and spent most of it outdoors in the paddling pool, when what we really needed to do was to hide inside a garden tent DIY.Garden Tent DIY - the perfetc summer hideou

It feels as if summer has arrived and it is time to spend more time outdoors. Though the hot sun is fun, it is also important to take some time out in the shade, cool off and reeeeelax.. these Garden Tent DIY is just the thing.

Easy to store, quick to set up and great to snuggle down in to play, cool down or read a book. One Garden Tent.. LOTS of practical uses this summer. IT is also a great way to upcycle some old bedding and sheets. Get them out and get the kids involved in decorating them and really personalising and being involved in making their very own summer hideout!

Get those kids off their screens and out into the garden, and out into the garden – and this Garden Tent DIY can travel – so if you don’t have your own garden, pack it up and take it to the park!

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