Grown up perler bead necklace DIY

Grown up perler bead necklace DIY

valentine perler hama bead necklace

Grown up Perler bead necklace DIY

Do you have some Hama beads (some call them Perler beads) in your house? chances are you do, particularly if you have kids!

This is the type of crafty fun that really does span the ages – our teenage boys still like making Star Wars characters  – and it’s great to find really grown-up ideas for perler beads too – so when we spotted this cute idea for the one you love, be your valentine, or your pal-entine, we couldn’t resist sharing it here with you!

We’ve seen some amazing ideas for grown up crafts with Perler Beads – like these DIY Hama Bead Buttons  so we KNOW they are not just for the kids…


What’s nicer than a homemade gift??

Be sure to follow the instructions over on and we hope you have lots of fun with this one!

Enjoy 🙂

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