Hand Drawn graphic chair

Jessica Nielsen graphic chairHand Drawn graphic chair

We all love a bit of an upcycling project here at fun crafts kids – and you’ll be amazed at quite how many old abandoned chairs we find on the streets near us – I’m getting quite a reputation to be honest – friends spot pieces of abandoned furniture and call me up to tell me to come rescue it!

So what do we do with all of these chairs?? Well, apart from the one we chopped up for firewood, they are all sitting quietly around the dining table in much the same repair as they arrived so we are going to take inspiration from this amazing Dutch surface pattern designer Jessica Nielsen and get busy with our pens! This is something our 12 year old boy can’t wait to get started on!

Check out more of her work here and here http://instagram.com/p/emMqkWJ_yl


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