How to dye wooden eggs

How to dye wooden eggs

how to dye wooden eggsHow to dye wooden eggs

With Easter just around the corner, we can’t help but see eggs everywhere! But do you know how to dye wooden eggs?

This craft is a great one to do with older kids, and would be a fab way of doing a slightly different non-chocolate Easter Egg Hunt, you could colour code your prizes!

These dyed wooden eggs really caught our eye on instagram, and reading Plain Vanilla Mom’s blog post, the clearly appeal to her little one. We loved to read how he plays with them, and a fabulous way to learn colours from an early age, and if you are dyeing the wooden eggs with the older children, what an interesting way to show how to mix colours such as red and yellow to make orange!

Marvellous post-Easter for shopping games, and play kitchens too or for a grown-up table display!

To read more about these dyed wooden eggs click here to see Plain Vanilla Mom’s full post.


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