Kandinsky tree craft

Kandinsky tree craftKandinsky tree craft – a fabulous masterpiece in its own right!

As you know we are big fans of upcycling at Fun Crafts Kids and anything that can divert a bit of old newspaper from the bin is fine by us!

So embrace the eco warrior in you, and pull those newspapers and colourful magazine tears out of the recycling box and start getting creative!

This is a fun and creative way to pick up on and relate to Art History too – Prints of Kandinsky’s “Squares with Concentric Circles”. (which was produced in 1913) appear on many a student’s wall – we absolutely love it, and have taken much inspiration from it over the years – so to see these beautiful trees in all of their glory over on manualescanigo brought a little bit of colourful joy to our hearts!

We love how this Kandinsky tree craft project combines the mono of the newspapers with the bright colours of the papers and magazines and also that these are free-standing works of art, which would look great on any window sill!

This Kandinsky tree craft is a work of art in its own right – what a great way to inspire children to get in touch with their artistic side!

To read Cristina Moreno’s blog post and how-to and to see more of her wonderful photographs, click here


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  1. Nardene at 6:32 am

    I would like to access the how to make the Kandinsky Tree Craft however I clicked on the link: ‘click here” and the page comes up as not found. Could you please advise me of how I can access this information?