Kick the can – bean tin crafts

Kick the can – bean tin crafts

Kick the canKick the Can – perfect for the holidays!

Let’s get outside and play… Quick, whilst the sun is shining… and even if the sun is NOT shining, this craft is perfect for making and creating, and upcycling old tin cans into the classic Kick the Can game.

Your recycling box is a great free resource, so before you get rid of your cardboard, bottles, Tetrapaks and tin cans, have a rummage and let your imagination go WILD!

We do like a craft which has a usable end result – and this Kick the Can project is just that, with a free printable for the less creative, or alternatively, cover the can in plain paper, and decorate with glitter, stickers, and drawings for the little ones… Great fun!

THEN – take the decorated Kick the Can tins out to a big park of field and get kicking!

Click the link to read full game instructions and a FREE Kids Chaos printable


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