Knit a Frog baby romper suit

Knit a Frog baby romper suit

Knit a Frog baby romper suit

Knit a Frog baby romper suitIf you can knit, this pattern is just ADORABLE!

If you can’t knit, ask a friend… it’s just too good a pattern to ignore, and we would LOVE to see some babies in this little Knitted Frog baby romper suit.

There is just something so adorable about frogs, that this was too good a pattern not to share – This all-in one outfit will keep baby snug as a bug—or amphibian—in a rug from head to toe, and the hood even has soft knitted frog eyes. Rows of knitted bobbles along the sleeves and hood add an irresistible tactile texture to the romper suit.

Wouldn’t this be so cute for this year’s Halloween costume? You’ve just about got time if you start knitting now! A great idea to keep in the dress up box for the next baby in your family.

And what a keeper too, knit this as a gift, it could become a family heirloom, passed down from generation to generation – and we love that – buy less, make more, keep more and aim for #30wears – making sustainable kids’ fashion!

Woman’s Day suggest the yarn used is very soft so that the bobbles won’t feel lumpy against your baby’s skin. click here to read the full instructions



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