Leaf Owls

Leaf Owls

Do you like owls? click here to find out how you can make your own Leaf Owls using, wait for it… paper and leaves!

🦉Leaf Owls

This month we are all about owls, so here is another wonderful craft.

Instead of using paper, why not use the materials provided by the outdoors. Unlike the Bark Owl posted a few days ago, these leaf owls are more colourful alternative. With the summer in full swing and the leaves as green as ever, its time to get exploring and creating.

You could base a whole day around this craft. The morning spent outdoors in a local park collecting the leaves and the afternoon making these wonderful animals. Why not give it a go? Leaf owls – embrace nature, as a great craft material provider1

For instructions – click here (website may be in German, but a simple translation doesn’t take long these days)

(Here is a great article about How to best Preserve Leaves before you start your art project:

6 Methods to Preserve Leaves - but which is the best Which is the easiest and which is the cheapest


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