Lemon Sorbet recipe

Lemon Sorbet recipe

Lemon Sorbet recipe

Lemon Sorbet recipeWell, there aren’t many kids I know that would choose a lemon sorbet over an icecream, not that is, until they’ve tried making it themselves, and then they will just fall in love with lemon sorbet!!

Sorbet is a brilliant refreshing dessert alternative for those of us who don’t or can’t eat dairy. It’s also obviously lower in fat, (we won’t mention the sugar)…

For lemon sorbet, you’d need to invest in a good lemon juicer, there are lots on the market, and although you can simply squeeze a lemon, for this ‘craft’ you need to keep the lemons in a good shape for serving (look at the photo – you’ll see what I mean!)

The lemon sorbet recipe is a good easy idea for a dinner party too, they look stunning don’t you think!

It’s great to get kids in the kitchen, they learn to appreciate the science of food, and it gives them a perspective on how the meals are made, the effort that can sometimes go into making that meal, and believe me, the more they make themselves, the better they eat the food you present them with!

And hey, you can’t go wrong with an iced pudding for a little treat for eating up all of you veg too right?!

So pop over to www.itallstartedwithpaint.com check out the full recipe and more wonderful photos and for those of you looking to stock up, you can find some decent lemon juicers here in the US and here in the UK

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