Magazine striped canvas collage

magazine striped canvas collageMagazine striped canvas collage

Most kids LOVE cutting up old magazines right? We’ve been saving our neighbour’s posh magazines for a while now, for a project just like this – And if you use a canvas as a base, it can make the artwork look quite professional! Fit for any artist’s studio wall (or kids’ bedroom wall for that matter!)

We thought that this looked really eye-catching, however, we think it could work equally well using a canvas and perhaps newspaper strips with a splash of colour, either from a magazine tear, or carefully placed paint splash!

We’ve bought some small blank canvases as a set of six to create some fun magazine collage art for Christmas Presents this year…you can find them here in the US and here in the UK. I think the smaller the better – more manageable for children, (and use less magazine strips!)

We do love this as an upcycling project and very timely with #ZeroWasteWeek next week – to see more of Sketchystyles great upcycled art projects, click here

UPDATE: the original website seems to no longer be available. To make this, you will need to cut a range of colourful strips f paper, all the same length and width. Then arrange on your canvas and once happy with the layout, glue down with either a glue stick (to avoid crinkling) or spray glue.

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