Making faces with found objects

Making faces with found objects

making faces with found objectsMaking faces with found objects – love love love the simplicity of this craft idea, and children deliver it so well don’t they?!

Children love to draw faces, it’s the first thing they have a go at, people, animals, vehicles, houses… so to take this to a three dimensional craft works for SO many ages and abilities, it’s quite delightful to see the outcome – You will love to see the 3D portraits the children create from buttons, bolts, pebbles, wool – you name it…

Another great party idea – filling large pots full of the craft materials and guiding the children through the craft – the great thing about these is that they finished ‘faces from found objects’ actually work really well in the 2D – so take photographs, make them into greetings cards (or party thank you cards!) and then you can use the elements all over again for a different craft!

Enjoy…. ! To check out more on this, click here to see the Ecole Petite website


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