melted crayons rain cloud

melted crayons rain cloud

Melted crayons rain cloud

melted crayons raincloud

It’s still raining!! And we love it – seriously, as it means that we can get crafty indoors, and there are so MANY fabulous rainy day crafts to be had – so why not focus the mind and have a whole crafty session based around the rain cloud itself!!

Clouds are, let’s face it, fascinating – and we love that you can incorporate a bit of science into this craft – explaining that it’s a visible mass of condensed watery vapour floating in the atmosphere up in the sky!

Check out the BBC for more on clouds for a spot of cloud education, and if you’ve got some broken crayons, you can have a go at this wonderful creative craft from NashvilleParent here.

Crayons are another of those wonderful craft materials that are multi functional, from coin and leaf rubbing – to creatively melting old and discarded crayons to create beautiful art like this – the melted water droplets from a cloud – great fun activity for all ages!



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