painted wooden beads

Painted wooden beads

We all of us love a bit of jewellery… My little boy was an avid collector and a very sweet friend of mine gave him his own treasure box FULL of costume jewellery when he was about two. Full of trinkets and wooden beads and baubles, he would get each piece out to play with and wear over and over again.

painted wooden beads

As grown ups, we are the same, so to make something special like these DIY Wooden Beads is really an appealing craft for adult AND child – something to do together, and what a really wonderful gift too.

What a great way to test those fine motor skills when threading the beads – always a bit of a challenge but worth it in the end right??

And from our own experience, not just a great gift for a grown up but for a child too!

Using these zingy colours that has chosen really makes a bold and contemporary statement too so you’ll be bang on trend!

Check out the full DIY wooden bead tutorial here



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