Paper Fortune Teller Lampshape

fortune telling lampshadePaper Fortune Teller Lampshape

So one of our criteria for a lamp shade is that, when one is standing beneath it, one cannot see the bulb – it’s a funny foible, but one we like to stick to in our house!

And you know what, it’s not something that you often find, so when we spotted these lampshades this week, we wondered where they were for sale – and were SO delighted to find out they were on The3Rsblog and they were a DIY lampshade… I know! Can you believe this is DIY!!

I really can’t tell you how exciting this is. You know those little fortune tellers that kids make and fold back and forth? Yes?

Fortune teller:

Child 1 “Pick a colour”
Child 2 “Blue”
Child 1 “B-L-U-E”
Child 2 “Pick a number”
Child 1 “Three”
Child 2 “1-2-3”

Really, this lampshade is made of LOADS of paper fortune tellers!

Don’t believe me, click here for the full ‘how to’!

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