pendulum painting

pendulum painting

pendulum paintingWhat a wonder – pendulum painting!

Any colourful outdoor activity is good for us, whether we’re drawing on the pavement outside the house with chalks, or using coloured water on our brushes on a dry paving slab for a bit of temporary shape making.

We love taking big rolls of paper onto the lawn and filling up flat plates with coloured paints, and getting our little summery hands and feet covered in paint and decorating the giant sheets with colour.

So setting up a structure from which you can dangle a plastic bottle face down, filled with coloured paint, to create a pendulum painting has got to be the ultimate large format garden painting activity!

It’s a fabulous science experiment too. Using something like ready mixed colours Artist’s tempura paints would make things simple – available here in the US or try here in the UK (affiliate links).

We all loved the Spirogragh when we were kids – so this large format painting equivalent really appeals – imagine the art you could create with this pendulum painting – you could wallpaper the entire playroom!

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