Pinecone Crafts: Royal Penguin

Pinecone Crafts: Royal Penguin

Pinecone crafts penguin


We ADORE animal crafts and we adore pinecone crafts, so when you bring the two together, we are extremely happy. The thing about pinecones, though, beautiful and tactile, they can be really tricky to craft with. So, we are always on the look out for fun and clever ways of crafting with pine cones. This little penguin pine cone is just one of those great craft ideas. This little Royal Penguin craft would go really well with the Happy Feet movie too. Or just make it, because it is so cute!

US Readers: Find Googly Eyes in assorted sizes here!

UK Readers:  Find assorted googly eyes here.

Check out Crayon Box Chronicles for more info!

Love penguins? We have some GREAT DIY Penguin Pencil Holders for you to check out too!! SO CUTE!

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  1. Heather at 9:59 pm

    Thank you so much for sharing our Penguin pine cone craft! 🙂