Plant pot decoration

Plant pot decoration

plant pot decoration

Spring is here, so time for a bit of plant pot decoration with a difference!

I don’t know about you, but we seem to have a lot of indoor plants, and herb pots on our window sills which are looking decidedly dull, and ‘shop-bought’. Let’s get crafty with some plant pot decoration!

We have ourselves in the past experimented with PVA glue, and then a bit of plant pot decoration with glitter and stickers when the boys were younger.

We’ve tried adding our own home-made flags to mark where we have planted various seeds for Spring to make the plant pot decoration a bit more interesting (and informative!).

Yet nothing looks as fabulous as Nikki McWilliams’ fabulous Tunnock’s Teacake pots. These would look fabulous on any window sill, and perfect for this time of year when your carrot and beetroot seedlings are sprouting up!

These plant pot decorations would also be a fabulous Easter gift, planted up with some little narcissi daffodils 🙂

If you don’t know Nikki’s work, you should definitely check her out – she has a wonderful style and her homewares are much coveted and collectable.

In fact, to find out how to do this amazing DIY plant pot decoration craft click here


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